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The telecoms market is fast moving, and constantly evolving. Since starting in the Communications Industry in 1989 Telephone Consultants has helped businesses across the UK save money and experience the best in the latest technology.

Mobile Phones

We supply mobile devices from all of the leading Manufacturers and Networks.

Lines & Calls

Be it new telephone lines or the migration of existing numbers we can manage your traditional telephone lines and call minutes., and possibly save you money in the process.

Business Broadband

How did we ever exist without the Internet? Getting the right connectivity installed into your office is critical!

Cloud Telephony

"The Cloud" can provide your organisation with everything needed to support your business from a telecoms perspective.

Intelligent Numbers

With access to a wide range of UK and International inbound telephone numbers, we get callers to the right person straight away

Call Recording

Ask about our full GDPR compliant Hosted call recording feature.

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Contact us fro a free demo of our market leading Hosted telephony system.

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